The SofTap  Permanent Cosmetics Hand Method for Applying Permanent Makeup is being recognized as the best method.  Our clients think it's the best, especially the ones that had permanent makeup before with a machine. We give our clients a choice of Rotary, Coil or SofTap.  SofTap is always their choice.


SofTap Permanent Makeup Overview

Permanent makeup application is in-demand Most knowledgeable professionals in the cosmetic beauty industry would probably agree that permanent cosmetics is the fastest growing service in the cosmetology market now and in the foreseeable future. In reality, the market is on the edge of an incredible cycle of growth. Permanent cosmetics is now causing a rising wave of excitement throughout the nation. The new professional techniques allow you to create lasting eyebrows, eyeliner, lip lining and reshaping, beauty marks, skin camouflaging of scars, etc. . We provide services to our elderly clients because of over tweezed eyebrows. the inability to apply daily makeup due to shaking, and to clients that loose their eyebrows because of medical procedures.

Advantages of SofTap

SofTap Hand Method
SofTap™ is a registered trademark of SofTap™ Inc.. SofTap™ is recognized as the leading technique in the field for safety and accuracy. We use a set of fine, in-line needles, that are dipped into a pigment and then softly tapped into the skin, thereby depositing color permanently into the skin, Traditional methods of tattooing use a reciprocating needle (rotary or coil machine) which pushes color into the skin. The SofTap™ method gently lifts the skin (as part of the tapping motion) to deposit color. As a result, there is a definite difference in the amount of discomfort experienced by the client. Many clients (all of ours) who have had permanent makeup with the traditional tattoo machine can attest to the fact that the SofTap™ method is far gentler. Because it is gentler the skin recovers faster.

SofTap Products
The SofTap™ colors have earned their excellent reputation because they look so natural. They are thick, rich and creamy which allows the permanent cosmetic technician complete control of application. There are currently 52 fabulous colors to choose from. Those include 20 different browns in the cool and warm palettes, 16 natural lip colors, 5 special effect colors and 9 camouflage colors. No mixing is necessary. Many who have had the SofTap™ colors used on them, said that they looked so natural that friends and family were surprised to hear that it was permanent makeup

It's Safe
The SofTap™ technique is very safe! In addition to fresh pigments and inorganic ingredients, only disposable needles, brushes and spatulas are used. Your Permanent Makeup is applied in a clean and sterile environment. All non-disposable equipment is thoroughly sterilized via OSHA sterilization procedures, such the autoclave. A patch test is suggested to qualify any color changes that may take place with the undertones of an individual's skin and for a reaction to the pigments as a precautionary measure. And once you received your permanent makeup you can enjoy your permanent beauty enhancement , and “Wake up with makeup”

Clients Love it!!

If you don't do this right, you could be making a permanent mistake


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